rover alone ultrasonic label
ultrasonic sensor

Ultrasonic Sensor

IR sensor

IR Distance Sensors

Colour sensor

3x Colour Sensors

gyroscope sensor


accelerator sensor




Servo Motors

2x Servo Motor Connectors

Sound Buzzer


Easy To Manage

Rover class sets come in a hard carry case with included charging dock. All ten robots can be charged at once from a single outlet.

micromelon rover case

Expandable with 3D printing

Out of the box Micromelon Rovers are full of sensors and tools catering for all skill levels. For more advanced exercises, students can design and 3D print their own clip on extensions for the rover. Alternatively Micromelon has a range of print-ready attachments.

micromelon rover attachments

Add Your Own Electronics

Rovers have built-in expansion headers compatible with a range of 3rd party electronics including Raspberry Pi and other sensors. You can integrate equipment you are already familiar with and complete even more complex challenges.

micromelon rover attachments


Micromelon offers school packages that bundle sets of rovers with code editor software and accompanying lesson plans. All school package purchases come with the hard carry case with included charger.