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Blocks To Code

Real time translation between block and text code, easing the learning curve.

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For Everyone

Switch between coding with blocks, text or both. Set the view for your students.

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Access Work Anywhere

Students can access their work from any computer with the Micromelon Code Editor installed.

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Code Highlighting

Watch the robot run code live in both blocks and text for easy debugging.

control over the class

Control Over The Class

The Micromelon Code Editor is designed to make teaching Digital Technologies as easy as possible. You have complete control of the classroom.

  • rover Disable Student Robots
  • mute Mute Student Robots
  • rover Hide Student Screens
  • hide Share Your Screen with the class
  • view student work View Student Work Any Time
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Privacy First

Privacy comes first, we don't require any personal information on students.

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The Micromelon Code Editor is a yearly subscription per student account. This means you only pay for what you need and we can keep developing useful features for you.