Student Workshops

We deliver engaging and interactive workshops across a range of topics including coding, robotics, and 3D modelling. Workshops cater for any skill level from primary school through to university and are suitable for ages 8 and up. We can provide all equipment required for the workshop including laptops and robots.

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Any Grade, Any Skill Level

We tailor our workshops for the age and skill level of the students as well as for specific learning outcomes. Students will always be engaged in solving suitable and relevant problems.

Programming & Robotics

Learn all about what makes a robot tick while solving complex and entertaining challenges. Participants will be hands on with the robots and will learn about using sensors to interact with the physical world how to write the code to make it happen.

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3D Modeling

Learn the basics of 3D modeling from ideation and concept design to creating in modeling software and then 3D printing your prototypes. Sessions can run in tandem with robotics workshops so students can build attachments for use with Micromelon rovers.

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The table below provide an estimate for workshop costs. Please contact us with your specific requirements and we can provide a more accurate quote.

In person workshops only available for South East Queensland.
Online workshops are also available.

1 hour 3 hour 1 hour x 10 Weeks
Coding & Robotics $300 $600 $2800
3D Printing $350 $650 $3000
Combined $350 $650 $3000
Estimates based on one class (up to 28 students)